Meet Shiloh Trudell

Quirky, SHILOH (who never leaves the house without her trusty boots: Doc Martens) has a habit of engaging her brain before her mouth. She has seen shadows for as long as she can remember, and they always turn up when something bad is about to happen. Shiloh was born with an unusual mix of Native American Sioux and French ancestry. 
On her father’s side, she comes from a long line of shaman. The medicine man, although sometimes it was a woman, would attain help from the spirit world, including the Great Spirit, otherwise known as the Wakan Tanka by the Lakota Sioux for the benefit of the tribe in times of distress. Shamans are intermediaries between the human and the spirit world. Thus, her ability of Sight. (Yup, Shiloh can see the dead.)
On her mother's side, Shiloh is a descendant of Heritage Witches. Her ancestors were some of the original settlers who founded the town. Rumor had it that the families had migrated from Salem. Her ancestors brought the magic with them. Started over. Away from persecution and prying eyes. They tapped into the arcane power confined within Mother Nature and prospered. Their religion became a mix of Christianity and Wicca.
When Shiloh meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan, she realizes he might be next on the supernatural hit list. Shiloh decides it's her duty to find out what is causing the mystical disappearances before the evil claims another innocent life.

Is Shiloh worthy to combat the forces of darkness?
Or is she just another teen destined to befall the town curse?

Please state your name: 
Shiloh Nahimana Trudell
Astrological sign: 
125, slim yet muscular
Hair /Eye Color:
Long hair, which is as black as a raven’s wing and bronze-colored eyes
High School student by day / Heritage Witch and Amateur Demon Hunter by night
Used Black Jeep Wrangler
Ah, do Shades count? Okay, then I have four little supernatural-like pitbulls named, Bakaz, Kasha, Zrekam, and Azeri.
Favorite food:
BBQ Chicken Pizza! Yum
Describe yourself in three words:
Out-spoken, hopeless romantic, survivor
Wardrobe/Personal Style:
I have my own quirky style—edgy-rockstar-boho. I like to wear hoop earrings; several chunky bracelets, a cropped pink top that sits above my navel and shows off my sparkly bellyring; low-rise jeans, and to finish my unique look, I put on my favorite boots: patent leather hot pink Doc Martens. The boots are my security blanket. They remind me who I am: Shiloh Trudell. Badass Witch. And if I’m gonna kick ass and take names, I need my boots.
Where do you live? Are any other people living with you?
Ravenwood, California with my dad, Jackson Ravenwolf and my mother—ugh—Jillian Broussard. (Yeah, she kept her last name.)
What were three things you liked to do when you were younger?
My friends and I would sneak onto the haunted Ravenhurst Manor estate (long before the Donovan family moved back to town) and dare each other to stand on the porch for five minutes. I won twice. Although, my gaze caught eerie shadows swooping menacingly within the shrubs and trees. Super freaky.
Favorite Pastime: 
Love to shop (Yeah, I’m a clothes whore aka fashionista), I enjoy gossiping with my friends, and I like reading romance novels. And, ah, kissing my hot BF, Trent. *major swoon*
What makes you happy?
Being with my supercute, and may I add—very buffed boyfriend, Trent Donovan
What is your greatest fear?
I’ve suffered from Nyctophobia—it’s a phobia of the dark—practically since birth. I even sleep with a nightlight. I know! I know! Being a demon hunter who is afraid of the dark sucks. Don’t judge.
What would you change about yourself if you could?
Uh, I would not blurt things out so much. Then I wouldn’t have to keep inserting my foot in my mouth. And feet taste nasty.
What is one secret that you’ve never told anyone?
Wow, tough question. My biggest secret is the demon blood that’s tainting my humanity.
What's the worst thing you've ever done? Why?
I lied about my gift of Sight. Yup, I can see dead people. Go me! Only my Aunt Lauren and my mentor, Evans knows my other secret.
If you could be an animal, what would it be?
Oh!—I’d like to be a black panther, sleek and powerful.
Signature Move: 
Power of telekinesis. Moderate kickboxing skills. Launch fireballs. Spell casting.

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