Meet Witch Shiloh Trudell

Hold onto your holy water, folks.

From bestselling author Sherry Soule comes the blockbuster, genre-defying story of Shiloh, the witchy, teenaged anti-hero. Dive into her epic origin story with trope-y stuff like, you know, rogue demon slayers, ├╝ber-cool magical powers, swoony love triangles, deathly battle scenes, and loads of heart-melting kisses. 

This young adult urban fantasy series is a humble slice of awesomeness packed with more plot twists than a demon's intestines and more drama than a drunken sorority girl at a frat party. It's amazeballs!

Snarky, SHILOH has seen shadows for as long as she can remember, and they always turn up when something bad is about to happen. Shiloh was born with an unusual mix of Native American Sioux and French ancestry. 
On her father’s side, she comes from a long line of shaman. The medicine man, although sometimes it was a woman, would attain help from the spirit world, including the Great Spirit, otherwise known as the Wakan Tanka by the Lakota Sioux for the benefit of the tribe in times of distress. Shamans are intermediaries between the human and the spirit world. Thus, her ability of Sight. (Yup, Shiloh can see the dead.)
On her mother's side, Shiloh is a descendant of Blood Witches. Her ancestors were some of the original settlers who founded the town of Ravenwood. Rumor had it that the families brought the magic with them. Started over. Away from persecution and prying eyes. They tapped into the arcane power confined within Mother Nature and prospered.

Please state your name: 
Shiloh Nahimana Trudell
Astrological sign: 
125, slim yet muscular
Hair /Eye Color:
Long black hair and steel-blue eyes
High School student by day / Amateur Demon Hunter by night
Used Black Jeep Wrangler
Ah, do Shades count? Okay, then I have supernatural pitbulls, Bakaz, Kasha, Zrekam, and Azeri.
Favorite food:
BBQ Chicken Pizza! Yum
Describe yourself in three words:
Out-spoken, hopeless romantic, survivor
Wardrobe/Personal Style:
I have my own quirky style—edgy-rockstar-boho, and patent leather Doc Martens. The ankle-boots are like my security blanket. They remind me who I am: Shiloh Trudell, badass Witch. And if I’m gonna kick butt and take names, I need my boots.
Where do you live? Are any other people living with you?
Ravenwood, California with my dad, Jackson Trudell and my bitchy mother—ugh—Darrah Broussard. (Yeah, she kept her last name.)
Favorite Pastime: 
Love to play PC games, hang with my friends, and munch on junk food.
What makes you happy?
Any day when paranormals and demons leave me alone, which isn't often. *sigh*
What is your greatest fear?
I’ve suffered from Nyctophobia—it’s a phobia of the dark—practically since birth. I even sleep with a nightlight. I know! I know! Being a demon hunter who is afraid of the dark sucks. Hey! Don’t be all judge-y.
What would you change about yourself if you could?
Uh, I would not blurt things out so much. Then I wouldn’t have to keep inserting my foot in my mouth. And feet taste nasty.
What is one secret that you’ve never told anyone?
Wow, tough question. My biggest secret is the demon essence that’s tainting my magic and destroying my humanity.
If you could be an animal, what would it be?
Oh!—I’d like to be a black panther, sleek and powerful.
Signature Move: 
Power of telekinesis. Moderate kickboxing skills. Spell casting. Magick slinging.

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