Broussard Family History of Witchcraft

The Spellbound series is set in the remote coastal town of Ravenwood, where the infamous manor house and grounds of the Ravenhurst estate lies. Rumors claim it was the site of an 18th century scandal in which the female members of the Broussard line, the Broussard Witches, were tried and executed. 

Since 1813, when Rowan Broussard, a woman blessed with mystical powers married a rich slave trader, Thomas Donovan, the Broussard family has been cursed by a supernatural and terrifying force that would torment them generation after generation. In an attempt to stop this menacing creature, Rowan founded a coven, Blood Rose Circle but failed to vanquish the threat.

Rowan Broussard’s experimentation with Voodoo (the religion of the slaves living on the Ravenhurst Manor estate at the time) led her to insanity. It was this insanity that ended in the eventual sacrifice of a servant girl awaking Malphas, the General of the Nephelim

Malphas is a fallen archangel, who can appear to others as a raven. The Nephilim are the direct descendants of the antediluvian Fallen. The Fallen and their sovereign, Azazel were banished from heaven after having sexual relations with mortal women and producing half-breeds with supernatural powers. Malphas managed to escape and has been waiting centuries for a Broussard witch to help him release, Azazel. Following the Broussard bloodline through the centuries, long after Ravenhurst Manor was abandoned, the curse and Malphas have shadowed this wretched family and corrupted each poor woman.
Now the thirteenth female born into the family, Shiloh Ravenwolf has been marked with demonic blood by the demon, Esael as the only witch in the Broussard family with enough power to open the gateway into the underworld and release the fallen angels and their offspring, the Nephilim from their underground prison. The Fallen have waited generations for the thirteenth daughter in the Broussard bloodline to be born and set them free.

Through twisted fate and woeful luck, the direct relative of Rowan Broussard, accepted a job at the infamous Ravenhurst Manor that used to be her ancestor’s cursed mansion, the very same mansion where Azazel, the leader of the Fallen sleeps within the Sheol and awaits to regain his throne and give his children corporeal form. Azazel has waited two hundred years for this lone girl.

Although she does not know it yet, she is the thirteenth—and possibly last—of the Broussard witches…

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