Charmed Chronicles New Book Covers Reveal

Hey Awesome Charmed Chronicles Fans!

I decided to update the Charmed Chronicles covers...again. 😃 

Once every year or two, I like to change the covers on some of my books. I really like them, so I hope you do, too!

Newly updated and expanded 2017 edition
(formerly titled, Beautifully Broken)


Hold onto your holy water, folks.

From bestselling author Sherry Soule comes the blockbuster, genre-defying story of Shiloh, the witchy, teenaged anti-hero. Dive into her epic origin story with trope-y stuff like, you know, rogue demon slayers, über-cool magical powers, swoony love triangles, deathly battle scenes, and loads of heart-melting kisses. 

This young adult urban fantasy series is a humble slice of awesomeness packed with more plot twists than a demon's intestines and more drama than a drunken sorority girl at a frat party. It's amazeballs!

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