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The Charmed Chronicles has been called a snarky mix of urban legends, kickbutt action scenes, female empowerment, epic romance, family drama, and the difficulties of growing up in a town infested with unnatural evils. 

Welcome to the Charmed Chronicles series, which is set in the eerie world of Ravenwood located north of San Francisco. But this coastal town’s magical charm and sweeping beauty is only a superficial facade. Nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal its murky history.

Those familiar with this area will realize I’ve taken some artistic freedom with this wooded setting. Ah, the power of a storyteller! I’ve chosen the backdrop of Northern California for an obvious reason. It is a beautiful area of lakes, forests, and wildlife.
On a special note, three amazing things really do exist in this locale: the lush forest of Muir Woods, the majesty of Mount Tamalpais, and San Francisco’s infamous roiling fog. I chose to retain these intriguing facets of the region because they contribute to the storyline in a very significant way.
In these novels, you’ll learn the secrets of Ravenwood and more about the quirky inhabitants that populate this peculiar neighborhood, where it seems everyone has something to hide. Discover what skulks in the fog and prowls within the dense forest. Meet the teenage residents that have good looks, lots of teen angst, and a fair share of supernatural intrigue. 

And read about Trent and Shiloh’s forbidden love story, and the courage of two young lovers who must beat tremendous odds just to be together.
Each novel continues the ongoing story of Shiloh and her friends as they face new foes together and fight their own inner-demons, finding bittersweet romance and everlasting friendships along the way.
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