Paranormals of the Charmed Chronicles Universe

The Nocturne aka Soul Eaters are demonic entities that devour innocent souls. Soul Eaters appear in dark forms or as silhouettes and are sometimes referred to as Shadow People. These mysterious creatures can sustain a solid form after ingesting a human essence, then they are unstoppable. In their true form, they resemble part humanoid, part reptile.
SHADES are demonic familiars and resemble a mutated version of dragons and dogs. (They look similar to the dragon pictured above except without wings). They are only three feet tall and can stand on their back legs. Although able to speak, their dialect is limited. 

LYCANS (also known as lycanthrope or werewolf) in folklore is a person who shapeshifts into a wolf, by either using magic, bitten by another lycan, or after being placed under a curse. The legend of the lycan is one of the most ancient and wide spread.

Functional Teenage Zombies are actually zombies with a great deal of brain activity, such as perception, memory, and some even have learning capabilities. Functional zombies are notyour clich├ęd zombie or brainless cannibal, but certainly look the part, and smell bad.

Wraiths are an apparition of a deceased human that was either murdered or killed by a demon. Like a Corpse Bride. They are considered an omen of death. Vengeful emotions cloud the outer layer of their auras. If a Wraith is powerful enough, they can possess humans. Can be highly dangerous or helpful to witches. 

Ghosts are considered to be the life force that remains after a person dies. The ability to perceive this disembodied soul is considered by some to be the gift (or curse) of Sight. Ghosts are usually harmless and can become trapped within a certain location until a ghost hunter or witch can help them cross-over.

Cambions are half-human/half demon and they are considered highly dangerous. Yet if they are partially human and demon hybrids (like Charmed's Cole Turner), they may be evil, but they can also be charming, funny and are even capable of love. Whereas other half-breeds dilute their demon blood with that of humanity, most hybrids actually meld their essence with that of their human-side, which causes them to show compassion. But they are still conflicted by their demonic nature. 

Demons are ruthless, evil creatures who delight in violence, chaos, and mayhem. Demons have vast powers of advanced telekinesis and the ability to open portals between our world and the supernatural realm. Majority of demons resemble reptiles. Scaly skin like snakes. When they possess humans, they enter through their mouths. Whenever they use their powers, they leave a scent of sulfur in the air.

Vampires possess superhuman abilities. Such as speed, strength, hearing, and accelerated healing. Older vamps can even have mind control (compulsion or glamor) over their victims. Vampires are nearly indestructible. They are capable of human emotions but can also repress their humanity and embrace the darker side of their nature. They are seductive undead, immortal creatures.

Fallen Angels aka The Forsaken are a band of fallen angels that have been around since the beginning of recorded time descended to earth to instruct humans in righteousness. The tutelage went on for centuries, until the angels began to pine for human females. Although some might argue that angels have no gender and therefore are unable to procreate, certain excerpts from Genesis, point out that ‘the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them’.

Hereditary Witches are born into a family of blood witches and inherit different psychic talents and immense telekinetic abilities, and because of this, these witches are considered more powerful than most witches. A heritage witch is a human born with the ability to use magick, which is an inherited trait that alters their DNA from parent to child. These Witches are gifted with essential powers to cast spells, create potions, and scry for persons and paranormals. 

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